Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What a day!!!!

Every have one of those days where you feel like you are chasing your tail all day? Well that was me today!!
Got up at 6.30 to the pouring rain, it was so dark I thought I had missread the clock, but no it was right. Dived into the shower, woke the kids, made packed lunches, shouted on Debbie again, made breakfast, shouted on Debbie AGAIN (that kid really likes her bed, if only she would go to sleep at night I might not have this carry on!!!) Left for work at 8.15.
The first hour at work was nice and sedate - it was the calm before the storm - from about 10 o'clock onwards it was all go (but not always in a good way). Got the cahce to go for lunch at 3.30 but as I finish at 4 I didn't bother. Ate lunch on the way home, got in at 5, changed int guiders uniform and left the house again at 5.15 to go to Brownies.
Got home from Brownies at 7.30, checked Debbies homework, helped Becky revise for her maths test tomorrow (her least favourite subject) and I am currently waiting for my dinner to cook.

Sorry for the long rant. Wednesdays are always a bit hectic but today seemed worse than normal. Any way here are pics of a card I made a while ago for my husband.

It is a secret panel card that I made for valentines day.

Well I better go and eat dinner before it gets cold - I might just be finished in time to catch Ugly Betty on E4+1.

see you later

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