Saturday, 28 May 2011

Where has the time gone?

It feels like it was only a few days ago when I wrote my last post but it's actually several weeks!!! I really must get my finger out and try to get into the habit of blogging a bit more frequently  but in my defence I have been very busy since my last post.

Peter had just started back to work after his stay in hospital when the kids stopped for spring holiday.  The were back at school 3 days and then had a long weekend for easter, back for three days and then off for the Royal Wedding and May Day - it felt like they were never at school in April!  For most of May I have been working extra hours to cover for a colleages maternity leave so have not had much time to myself.  Anyway enough of my excuses!

When the kids were off school in April we took them to London for a few days. We crammed so much inthat I could have done with another holiday to get over it.

We got the 8:40am train from Glasgow to London on the Thursday.  No better way to get there - we were in London just after 1pm. Caught the tube to Tower Bridge and dumped our bags in the hotel. After a bit of a walk along the riverside we headed round to the London Eye. Not having a head for heights I took a bit of persuading but in the end they talked me round (also it's quite embarrasing when your 10-year old thinks you're a scardy cat). 

Veiw from the London Eye

After  dinner at My Old Dutch (a Dutch pancake house in Holburn) we went to see Wicked.  It was amazing and even Peter enjoyed it.

The V&A (having a bit of work done!)


On Friday we visited the Science Museum where Becky the adrenalin junkie talked Peter into going on a flight simulator with her.  Apparently she spent most of the time flying upsidedown! We also had a quick trip into the V&A as it is just across the road from the Science Museum. Finished up with a lovely meal in China Town.

Birthday girl!

Saturday was Debbie's birthday (she turned 10). We had arranged to meet Peter's sister and her husband in the afternoon. We took a bus tour in the morning to show the girls as many landmarks as we could. We met Lindsey and Nick outside The Globe Theatre as that was one of the places Becky wanted to visit (she loves Shakespeare) After a quick coffee we went to see the ceramic sunflower seeds in the Tate Modern then headed over to Covent Garden to catch the market and some street theatre. Finished up with dinner in a great little Italian restaurant on the edge of Soho.
The ceramic sunflower seeds at Tate Modern

Outside the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Sunday was the day of the London marathon so we thought that a trip to the zoo would be ideal as the buses were not running in certain areas.  Fortunately the weather was glorious and we had a fantastic time. Afterwards we had dinner in a Mexican resaurant. Hang on lets recap - Dutch, Chinese, Italian and Mexican - visit London and eat the world!!!

Debbie and the penguins

"Smile and wave boys, smile and wave!"

Monday morning we caught the train back home.  I don't think I have ever crammed so much into 3 and a half days!!!

Anyway time to get to bed,
Take care,