Thursday, 21 October 2010

Where is the time going!!!

I am conviced someone has removed several hours from every day as there never seems to be enough time for everything I want or need to do!!!

Spent today feeling like a zombie and trying to finish off Becky's costume for her Guides Halloween party which is tomorrow night! It's a bit early but Guides are not on next week because of the Guiders Centenary Dinner.

All the Renfrewshire Guides, Brownies and Rainbows were at Lapwing Lodge last night for the centenary closing campfire and promise ceremony.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't very kind to us and after being dry and clear all day it started to rain about 20 minutes before we set off and it kept it up all night.

I have finally remembered how to grab the banner and link into Ladybug Crafts Ink New Challenge Blog - I've only been trying since Tuseday!!

Well I better head off now, I'm shattered and I still have a brain shaped jelly to make before I go to bed!

See you later

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ladybug Crafts Ink Challenge Blog

Check this out!! - I will post more details later.

See you later

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What a week!!!!

You know that phrase - it never rains but it pours, well the last week has been a bit like that!

It all started last Friday.  It was just another working day, or at least it was til lunchtime when one of the girls said she wasn't feeling well, had phoned her GP and was to go straight up to the hospital.  We all thought she would be back in a couple of hours.  At 4ish got a message to say she wouldn't be back in and she would let us know about Saturday. The computers had been acting up all day and then wouldn't let us in to any patient records - called IT to get them to fix it.  They had to pull the database, which ment we couldn't access records, process dispenses, order lenses or do the banking!! At 5.45 they advised us to leave it til Saturday morning because it was taking longer than they thought!

On Saturday It finally advised the system was working again about 9.45, so we finally managed to finish off all the jobs from Friday and do the banking.  All so found out that the girl wouldn't be in on Saturday and finally found out at 4.30 that she wouldn't be in on Monday - so I got drafted in to cover Monday (bang go my plans for a trip to town!)  Was so tired I was in bed and asleep before 10 (that's unheard of!).

On Sunday was up bright and early and off to Sunday school - so far so good.  Put the first load of washing on. 10 minutes later  when I went into the kitchen the machine had stopped - thought I had had a senior moment so switched it on again while I made a coffee.  2 and a half minutes later the machine stopped and claimed it had done the whole cycle!! So all I had was a load of wet, dirty washing and 2 loads sitting waiting! My Mum in law very kindly washed 2 of them for me.

Monday was spent working, without even time to look for a washing machine, so trawled the internet when I came home.  Found the machine I wanted at a price I thought was reasonable but website wouldn't let me order it!!!

Tuesday was spent catching up all the things I should have done on Sunday and Monday.  First stop the hygeinist (something I really hate), then into town to get Brownie things at the Guide shop and get a birthday present for Linda in work.  Managed to find a the washing machine and ordered it (it gets delivered next Thursday!).  Made tabards for Fionas wheelchair dancing group.  Took a load of washing up to my dads. Made dinner.  Went to Community Council meeting (it was the AGM and as secretary I had to go to take minutes - but finally convinced them I am standing down).  Finally got home at 9.45pm.  It was one of those hectic, never-ending days and I' glad its over.

Today was a little better.  Work was going OK til head office pulled a member of staff to cover Greenock, then it got busy and we hardly stopped all day.  Finally got out of work just after 4.30 and made my train by the skin of my teeth.  Made it to Brownies for 5.30 (though not sure how) for the promise ceremony.  Now trying to type this while eating sausage sandwiches for tea - I know it's not healthy but at this time of night I couldn't be bothered cooking anything else.

Well that's been my week, I hope yours has been better,
See you later


P.S. Will try to put some more pics of cards up tomorrow - too tired tonight