Saturday, 27 August 2011

Catch up...

Well now the kids are back at school I am trying to get more organised and will try to blog weekly.  I think if I set a target of one post a week I might manage to keep to it!  I also need to remember to photograph my creations before I put them in the envelope!!!!

June and July just disappeared in a whirlwind of activity.  It all kicked off at the beginning of June with my niece Ava's blessing.
 This is the card I made for the occasion.  It is very simple and used pink and white pearlescent card, spellbinders, a Martha Stewart punch, some paper flowers and pearls.  I really like the way it turned out.

I took quite a few photos on the day and used them to make mini albums for Graeme and Kyra and for Ava's grandparents.

The next day I took my Brownie pack raft building at Castle Semple.  The girls had a great time and everyone ended up very wet.  We finished up the evening with toasted marshmallows and chocolate biscuits!

Then we had school sports day, a birthday party and Family Fun Night at my daughters school, so it was a very busy week!

The rest of the month wasn't quite so busy but with working extra hours before I knew it we were heading off on holiday!  We went to Menorca.  It was a lovely relaxing holiday but I did have to explain to the girls that sometimes you go on holiday to laze by the pool and relax!

 I've heard of reading by the pool but not reading in the pool - I guess these 2 just can't go anywhere without a book!

 The geckos proved to be an endless source of fascination  for the girls, especially the night one fell off the wall and was caught by the cat.  It used the gecko special ability and made its tail fall off.  The tail continued to wriggle about on its own for at least 5 minutes keeping the cat occupied while the gecko played dead for a few minutes and then made its escape! A bit gross but totally fascinating to watch.

This lovely beach was only 5 minutes from our hotel.  It was quite a small beach but most of the beaches on Menorca are as it has lots of little coves and inlets along the coast.

We had a great time but all too soon we had to come home.

Well I think I will call it a night for tonight,  till next time take care


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